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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prince Edward Island on Katie's 2nd Anniversary

Katelyn's 2nd angelversary passed and I can honestly say that we had an enjoyable day.We started off the morning with a balloon relase. We found the perfect butterfly balloons at a local party store and the women were wonderful and actually gave them to us free of charge. They even called Katie our guiding light. :) We decided on 3, one from myself, one from her daddy and one from her sister. We wrote our own personal messages on our balloons and let them go into the sky.
The butterfly balloons before we wrote our messages on them
Watching them take off was the perfect start to our morning

Then Daniel handed me a card that he recieved from one of our friends who works at the same place as him. She had given it to him the night before. I opened it up and saw a butterfly on the front with a beautiful hand written note and money inside explaining that she wanted to buy our lunch while on the island. A lovely gesture that we appreciated very much.
We hit the road early, stopped for coffee and drove straight through until we crossed the Confederation Bridge. Emily needed to eat so we parked the car at the stores and decided to feed her and walk around. We saw sooo many butteflies in that store and it made us smile a lot. We ended up buying her a purple shirt that had an angel on it, butterflies and the word "Believe". It was so perfect. We also bought 2 other pretty butterflies. :)

As we started to head to Charlottetown the baby got fussy and we had to pull over again so we stopped at one of the beaches. We wrote Katie's name in the famous red sand and let Emily play on the beach for a while. 
Butterfly card from our friend :)

Just after crossing the bridge

Emily's new shirt :)

When it was time to go we headed into Charlottetown and got lunch. We then drove to a gorgeous beach outside of the city called Dalvay Beach. It was mid April so the beach was completely empty and we really enjoyed sitting on the beach and just watching the water. It was relaxing and truly beautiful. Emily thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand and we definitely want to go back there in the summer.

Crawling in the sand

Isn't that the perfect shirt ever for Emily?

After a few hours we drove back into Charlottetown, had dinner and did some shopping and went for a nice walk downtown. We stopped for some frozen yogurt at our favourite place, Goji's, and then headed home. We got home and I quickly logged onto my facebook account and was able to read a lot of supportive words from many different people. We appreciate them all so much.

The 15th was a nice day. I'm very happy with our decision to try and make that day a celebration of Katelyn's life and I really like the fact that we spend the day out and about. I probably saw close to a thousand butterflies throughout the day (not real but in stores, on houses etc) and I just know she was there with us. 

2 more buttefly items we bought that day

A group on facebook made this for Katie <3

Day 70- Blueberry Face

This child makes me laugh out loud. The little bugger moves her face just as the spoon approaches her mouth so her breakfast ended up all over her face this morning. Usually I just give her pieces of fruit but I had the magic bullet out to make smoothies so I just blended bananas and blueberries to spoon feed to the baby. I've learned my lesson and tomorrow I'm going back to chunks.

The shirt she's wearing was a gift from a friend that says "Little Sisters Rule" :D So cute!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 69- View

I was lucky enough to drink my coffee this morning out on the back deck and this was the view I had. The air smells so fresh and amazing and brings me right back to the days where the family would rent cottages by the lake. I can't say for certain that we'll live in this house forever but if we move a nice view is a must have for me. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 67- Easter

Happy Easter! Emily is still too young to have done an Easter egg hunt or have chocolate so we didn't really do anything big this year but we did make a nice big breakfast this morning. Eggs, French toast and bacon with a smoothie that has blueberries, bananas, milk and yogurt on the side. I love big breakfasts and I want to make them more often. 

We don't really have anything planned for tonight's dinner but we'll go for a nice walk on this sunny day and Daniel will study (exams are next week) while I hopefully do some spring cleaning. Enjoy the long weekend! 

I know her high hair looks funny, the material is in the wash since she is probably the world's messiest eater.

Saturday, April 19, 2014